What you need to know about Volunteering

The Fort Worth Greek Festival at St. Demetrios is not just our Annual Fundraiser (+50 years). It is so much more!  It is a Ministry and a labor of love of the St. Demetrios Church. We build up community and relationships within our church. We reach out with hospitality and love to the DFW community at large. The last couple years partial proceeds have been awarded to benefit local charities in Fort Worth. 

The Greek Festival is an opportunity to share our Greek Culture, our food, our dance, our music and our Philoxenia! It is also a fantastic opportunity to share our Faith, our love for Jesus Christ, our church, our iconography and the theology that ties all of it together. 

But the festival is also more than just the 3 days in November. It includes many baking days, set-up days and cleaning days in the preceding and following months. We prepare by hand our delicious baked goods and sweets and set up tables and table clothes, stages and booths to get the Fellowship hall and parking lot in proper Festival Condition.

When we bake, we bake a lot and so each item may take 1-3 days of baking with 10-15 people helping. More people will help us reduce our bake time significantly. We prepare each item to be baked, in an assembly line fashion, sitting side by side with others; hand rolling, brushing butter, and/or laying philo. Some will be moving empty or complete pans or trays, some will be stirring melted butter, some will be packaging, etc. There is a lot to do.  

No experience is necessary, as we will all follow the directions by those who are leading the bake.  

We need your help to make this year’s Greek Festival successful!